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We work with students of all talents and abilities as our mission is focused on providing support for students to achieve their educational dreams.

Planning & Placement

Barbara Klin

Carey Bourque

Essex Education Group offers comprehensive tailored college and independent school counseling services.

  • High school course selection

  • Testing plans & options

  • Assist with creating a balanced list of colleges

  • Common Application & essay preparation

  • Interview prep & coaching

  • College transfer guidance

  • Individualized timelines for the application process

  • Guide student athletes

  • Transfer admissions support

  • Gap year program options

  • Post- Graduate year advising

College Planning for 
Students With Learning Disabilities
  • Identify appropriate colleges that offer academic support
  • Assist parents with navigating services offered by colleges
  • Advise and administer  required evaluations and testing


 Test Prep & Tutoring

 Individualized Test Preparation

 Peter DeLisa


  • SAT test prep strategies
  • ACT test prep strategies
  • SSAT tutoring
  • Subject tutoring
  • Executive Functioning coaching
  • Motivation strategies


Affiliated Consultant

JoAnne Carter Consulting

Services to help students who are at-risk academically and socially:


  • Focus on complex educational and psychological issues including students who are experiencing academic difficulties and those expelled or suspended from schools or colleges

  • Guide students with learning differences and represent students and families during the PPT process

  • Work with guardian ad litems, judges, and attorneys to assist parents as they navigate the complicated educational system

Graduate School Placement
  •  Identify appropriate schools and    programs 
  •  Timeline for application process
  • Personal statement support
  • Identify program admission requirements 
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